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Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering (SRIPE) was founded on June 26th, 2009 and is one of the important brainpowers of SINOPEC. It is also the R & D center of advanced petroleum engineering technology and the technical support center of domestic & overseas petroleum engineering. Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering (SRIPE) is engaged in the development planning, scien¬tific research, product R & D and technology application for drilling, completion, logging, well testing, stimula¬tion, Reservoir Reconstruction and offshore petroleum engineering. The precursor in SRIPE can be traced back to the Re¬search Team of Petroleum Drilling Techniques which was founded in 1965. After more than forty years of development, it has become an important research institute in petroleum engineering. SRIPE has undertaken and completed many scientific research projects, such as: ★ Over 400 state-level scientific research projects ★ Over 300 significant scientific research achievements ★ 72 state-level & provincial-level scientific & technical progress awards ★ 110 national patents, 2 PCT patents ★ Over 35 State & Industry standards So far, there are 41 professor-level senior engineers and 132 senior engineers in the Headquarters. Of all the staff members, 73.9% have master’s or doctor’s degrees. Two experts are honored as state-level expert with outstanding contribution; seven experts are granted with the State Council special allowance; one candidate for the National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project; three members are outstanding experts at provincial level and there are eleven academic leaders of Sinopec. The research workstation for postdoctors is established. So far, there are 22 postdoctors at the station. Following the oil & gas development strategy of SINOPEC and aiming at the technical bottleneck of petroleum engineering, SRIPE is committed to building itself as a research institute with its own identity, innovation capa-bility, and international competitiveness.