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GBA provides turn-key combustion solutions to help our customers to safely dispose hazardous compounds in a safe and energy-efficient manner. As an internationally based company, we design and supply flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and other enclosed combustion units for any kind of application in the Oil&Gas and Petrochemical Industries, chemical plants, power stations, etc. Our flare systems cover the whole spectrum of flaring applications including high pressure low radiation sonic flare tips, steam assist smokeless flares, totally enclosed ground flares and flare support structures to over 200m high. Our enclosed combustion units include SRU Tail gas incinerators, SRU Claus Reaction Furnaces, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), Vapor Combustion Units (VCUs), Catalytic oxidizers, Combustors, and Enclosed Flares. Our references are extensive and incorporate most of the world's majors’ end-user's companies and leading EPC companies, making GBA an excellent business partner, highly competent, dependable, and trustworthy, for your business.