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Wuxi Jiu'an Shunchang Compressor Parts Co., Ltd. was established so far has a history of more than 60 years, after the precipitation of history, from the original Wuxi County local state-owned enterprise "Wuxi County Handicraft Association", after expanding production, it was renamed "Xishan Third Plastic Factory", and "Wuxi Shunchang Plastic Factory" was established after the transformation. In June 2019, the asset restructuring was carried out, and in order to better show the professionalism of the product, it was officially renamed as "Wuxi Jiu'an Shunchang Compressor Parts Co., Ltd." The company has long put product quality and product innovation in the first place. As early as 1983, as the only sealing element company, the company participated in the national "Seventh Five-Year Plan" research project "Research on the process and performance of oil-free lubrication sealing elements" together with Shanghai Plastics Research Institute, Hefei General Institute of Machinery and Wuxi