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Dalipal has the intelligent production lines of scrap metal as the main raw material, such as   pipe billet production, oil pipe rolling, pipe end-thickening, heat treatment, processing of OCTG, and the intelligent turnover warehouse of petroleum pipes, the interconnection and intercommunication of information in the whole process of manufacturing from raw materials to end products and product quality are realized. On-line whole process monitoring ensures fast and efficient delivery of high-quality products to customers to meet their needs. The leading products are API and non-API high anti-collapse, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, special threaded oil special pipes and shale gas, natural gas, coal bed gas development pipes, wind power, nuclear power, hydropower, petrochemical and other high-end energy equipment supporting products. Among them, the whole process manufacturing technology of oil special pipes and high-grade sulfur-resistant oil and gas pipelines for special purposes such as temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high extrusion resistance and special threads has reached the advanced level in the industry. Products are distributed in Daqing, Xinjiang, North China, Changqing and other major domestic oil fields, and exported to many countries and regions.