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Diamond Chain Company is founded in 1890 in Indianapolis, Indiana. From the Wright Brothers, to Henry Ford, to the global leaders of our time, Diamond chain is the roller chain most trusted to perform, when performance matters most.Diamond Chain Company is the leading supplier of high performance roller chains for global power transmission markets serving a diverse range of industries such as oil & gas, industrial automation, agriculture equipment, aerospace & defense, and construction equipment. Diamond Chain provides chain components for a multitude of coiled tubing injector heads, draw-work, mud pump and power tong chains. Diamond Chain coiled tubing kits feature specially manufactured pins for increased tensile strength and improved impact and pin fatigue resistance. Special interference fit cover plates are manufactured to exacting tolerances to minimize pin turning and assure equal distribution of chain working load. Diamond’s coiled tubing kits are available in nickel or ACE® plating for improved resistance to stress corrosion cracking caused by use in wet environments. Diamond Chain products stand up to the strenuous conditions of the oil and gas industry which means longer chain life and increased up-time and production.