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XI'AN KOSUN Machinery Co.,Ltd, short for KOSUN, is a professional solid control system and equipment manufacturer for petroleum drilling industry. KOSUN was established in 1992, and was one of the earliest solid control equipment manufacturer in China. The company mainly manufactures shale shakers, desanders, desilters, degassers, centrifugal pumps, agitators, mud tanks centrifuges and complete solid control system. With many years of experience, Kosun is the solid control equipment enterprise with the largest and the most comprehensive product line available. The products are also can be applied to trenchless laying of gas pipeline operations and methane drilling in coal-bed areas. 1992 - KOSUN was established by Mr. Geng Zhonghou. 1993 - KOSUN first generation ZZS Serial shale shaker was developed by Mr. Geng Zhonghou. 1995 - KOSUN established its first office in Korla, China. 1996 - KOSUN build its first set Centrifuge also the first time an oil and gas used centrifuge was built in northwest of China. 1998 - KOSUN second generation shale shaker QZS700 Serial shakers was designed by Mr. Geng. 2001 - Worked with China Petrolum Pipeline Bureau, first time to applied solid control system in pipeline laying projects in China. 2003 - KOSUN established its second office in Karamay, China. 2004 - KOSUN international business department was established. 2006 - Worked with COSL, to supply Solids control system for module drilling rig in Mexican gulf PEMEX project. This is the first time a Chinese drilling company got overseas offshore projects. 2007 - KOSUN directly and independently exported 3 sets of solid control system to Russia. 2008 - KOSUN turnover has over 200 Million RMB equals 31 Million USD. 2009:KOSUN first overseas branch company was established in Aktobe, Kazakhstan. 2009 - KOSUN established its third office in Beijing China. 2009 - KOSUN third generation shale shaker-SC-3 was designed by Junior Mr. Geng son of Senior Mr. Geng. 2010 - KOSUN build its own drilling teams and stared drilling works in Aktobe Kazakhstan. 2011 - KOSUN appointed its first overseas agent in Colombia. In the development and growth of KOSUN, we have always adhered to our company principles: "Customer-oriented", "quality first," and "providing benefit to customers." We warmly welcome our customers, both at home and abroad, to come together and enjoy better business opportunities.