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Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828 with its headquarters in Paris, is a global leader in providing testing, inspection, certification, and technical consulting services. With nearly 30 years of extensive industry experience in China's oil, gas, and chemical sectors, Bureau Veritas offers professional services that comply with laws, regulations, standards, norms, and customer-specific requirements. These services cover upstream exploration, development, and production, midstream storage and transportation, as well as downstream processing and sales projects. They encompass compliance assessment, inspection, certification, consulting, and training, encompassing the entire lifecycle of equipment and facilities. Bureau Veritas tailors green and sustainable energy transformation service solutions for its oil, gas, and chemical clients. These solutions encompass consulting services for energy conservation and carbon reduction, safety and export services for renewable energy, and international certification services for green hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol derivatives. The aim is to contribute actively to accelerating the industry's high-quality development and achieving carbon neutrality goals.