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Xuanke Hydrogen-Energy Technology (Beijing) Co.,LTD.Booth:W4770

As a holding subsidiary of Hebei Yili Technology Co., Ltd., Xuanke Hydrogen Energy is a high-tech enterprise with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle parts as its core products; The company integrates product development, production and sales, and is committed to providing customers with products with excellent performance and excellent quality. It has a professional R&D laboratory and R&D team; Perfect production line, product verification system and a number of independent core intellectual property rights. The products involved include, fuel cell ion exchange resin filter, fuel cell special antifreeze, low-pressure and high-power water pump, chemical air filter, air flow meter, expansion tank, non-metallic pipeline, electronic thermostat (three-way valve), humidifier, tail exhaust silencer, intake manifold, particle filter and other products; It is committed to the R&D and production of hydrogen fuel cell system components, providing fluid control and conductivity reduction treatment solutions.