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Tianjin Break Petro-Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is headquartered in the coastal city of Tianjin. And has set up a production plant in Nanyang City, Henan Province. Company staff have rich experience in oil and gas drilling and repair machine design, research and development and maintenance. The company's main business: 1.Production of mobile and trailed drilling rigs for drilling and overhaul of wells up to 5000 m deep. Production of stationary drilling rigs for drilling wells (mechanical, electromechanical, variable frequency drive, direct current) with a depth of up to 7000 m. 2. Production and sales of various drilling and workover equipment and spare parts, customized, developed and produced according to user requirements; 3. Provide rig assembly, maintenance, installation and commissioning, after-sales and other services; And the old rig provides upgrading, renovation and renewal services.