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Dalian Yulin Electric Motor Co.,Ltd., founded in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, frequency control AC asynchronous motor, high-voltage motor, and control systems. It is also a pioneer in applying direct drive permanent magnet motor technology to various industries. The company has passed the three system certifications, increased Safety explosion-proof certification, IECEx international explosion-proof certification, CE certification, North American CSA certification and Russia's Customs Union CU-TR certification. It is a new high-tech company with strong scientific and technological strength. In 2020, our company successively developed a series of products such as variable frequency motors for offshore drilling platforms, asynchronous direct drive motors for mud pump, direct drive permanent magnet synchronous motor for mud pump, and self starting permanent magnet synchronous motors, with specifications reaching over 20 types. Among them, self starting permanent magnet synchronous motors have passed the national level 1 energy efficiency record. The company's products are also exported to Russia, the United States, India, Canada, and other regions. Our company has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with Schlumberger Oil Well Service Company and Weatherford Company in the United States. The direct drive permanent magnet motor for Progressive Cavity Pump drive system produced by the company has become the only designated product purchased by Schlumberger globally in this field. Laying a foundation for products to go abroad.Yulin Motor not only produces motors, but also provides customers with the best drive scheme.