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Wuhan Chuxing Fiber Optic Fiber Application Technology Ltd. was established in April 2001. It is located in the "Wuhan-China Optics Valley" area of China's optoelectronic industry cluster, based in China and facing the world. After 23 years of rapid development, it has promoted innovation and management of strategic alliances. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries now include Hubei Chuxin Fiber Optic Application Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Chuxing Fiber Optic Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. Through the dual drive of "technological upgrading" and "management innovation", Wuhan Chuxing has become a highly competitive large-scale group company in the market. Chuxing combines precise demodulation and analysis systems to provide personalized and cost-effective customized solutions for different user situations and measurement needs in the fields of petrochemicals, aerospace, nuclear power infrastructure, railway power, etc., achieving precise quantitative monitoring of various harsh conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, strong magnetic field, and acid alkali corrosion in real-time. From scheme formulation, product design, system integration, installation and networking to after-sales tracking, we provide cost-effective technical services to assist smart oil fields and fill domestic gaps. We are committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions for fiber ultra precision processing and various fiber sensing applications.