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Lanzhou Highland Pumps Co., Ltd. (HIGHLAND),As a professional non-leakage magnetic-driving pumps producer , company has capability of producing 3000 sets magnetic-driving pumps annually. We pay attention to transforming scientific research production, and anti-corrosion magnetic-driving pumps had been formed series, including CQB Magnetic-driving Centrifugal Pump, CQF Plastic Lining Magnetic-driving Centrifugal Pump, DGC Multi-stage Magnetic-driving Centrifugal Pump, CW Magnetic-driving vortex Pump, MZ Magnetic-driving Self-priming Pump, DR Magnetic-driving Hot Oil Pump etc. At present, our magnetic-driving pump’s power is up to 280kW, flow: 800m3 / h, head: 600m. We can provide metal and non-metal pumps for various process flows with high and low temperature, high pressure ,vapor liquid