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As one of the cooperation links between China and Russia on industrial automation,Beijing Ru- Cn Instruments Technology Co., Ltd. provides clients with world-class high/low temperature titanium/silicon-on- sapphire pressure sensors/transducers, high-temperature dry-type pure planar film pressure transducers, liquid level transducers, flow meters, industrial control software, etc. Such products are resistant to high temperature/low temperature (-65℃~+350/+500℃), high pressure (0- 260MPa), corrosion and radiation. The high-precision and high-reliability titanium/silicon-on- sapphire products can be applied to electronic pressure gauges and high-precision pressure calibrators for pressure measurement in oil wells and at high temperature and viscous medium, and can be used in harsh environments such as aerospace, petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, electric power, cement manufacturing, water conservancy, environmental protection, medical care, etc. for meeting the requirement of industrial automation. Now, sapphire products are being manufactured by MIDA in large scale and such technology has got autonomous intellectual property rights at many countries. We believe that this technology will provide users in China and the whole world with more favorable options on pressure measurement, especially that in extreme environment.