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China National Erzhong Group Co., hereinafter referred to as China Erzhong for short, was conceived in 1958. As a group under the direct administration of the central government of China, it is praised to be an enterprise vital to national security and economy and to be one of the largest and most important bases for localization of major technical equipment and new energy equipment manufacturing. It has one major research and development center and two manufacturing bases, namely, Chengdu Engineering Research Center located in Chengdu, the provincial city of Sichuan, Deyang Manufacturing Base in Deyang, Sichuan, and a joint river and sea transportation base in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. It has one listed company named Erzhong Heavy (stock code:601268), 8 science research institutes, 11 business units, subsidiaries and sub-enterprises. Till the end of 2012, China Erzhong covers a total area of 4.82 million square meters and has 25.2 billion yuan (RMB) total assets and 13218 employees. China Erzhong has abundant materials and technology basis and strong capability in research and development and in design and manufacture. It has a national technical center, an engineering laboratory and a post-doctoral station. It boasts the largest presses in the world, i.e. 800MN die forging press and 160MN free forging hydraulic press, and other 6600 sets of equipment. It is capable of producing 1000 ton of liquid steel, 600 ton of ingots, 550 ton of finished castings and 400 ton of finished forgings in a production cycle, and is the largest manufacture base of major technical equipment for complete metallurgical equipment, complete sets of castings and forgings for nuclear power, water power and thermal power, heavy pressure vessel, heavy drive work-pieces, heavy aeronautical die forgings, etc., and is the second to none logistics terminal for special large cargo all over the country and the utmost manufacture base for heavy complete sets of equipment in nuclear power and heavy vessel. In the past 50 years, China Erzhong has provided nearly 2 megatons of heavy technical equipment to the Industries of National Economy and Defence, such as metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, automobile, petrochemical processing, aviation and aerospace. Many products have filled up the vacancy of country and become the substitutes for imported goods, which made a great contribution to boost the domestically produced heavy technology equipment and promoting the national manufacturing industry. China Erzhong thoroughly implements the spirit of the eighteenth Party Congress. Taking the scientific concept on the development, focusing on the central task of “ strengthen, enlarge and optimize the enterprise, cultivate the competitive world-class enterprise”, China Erzhong has been enhancing the company’s internationalization level, strengthening the self-innovation and the technological improvement and enterprise management, pushing the construction of “ one center, two bases”, and will equip China from the equipment of power to power equipment through unremitting efforts.