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China Shipbuilding Industry CorpBooth:E1213

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is a major state-owned enterprise group in China, established in July 1999 on the basis of the reorganization of the old China State Shipbuilding Corporation. CSIC is one of China’s largest Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing group, with a workforce of 150,000. The group has total assets of 38 billion US dollars. CSIC is also the only company in the Chinese shipbuilding industry listed on the Fortune Global 500. With its strong ability in developing, manufacturing and assembling large complete equipment, CSIC extended its product range and have developed and produced hundreds of non-marine products that are implemented in more than 10 industries covering over 30 business sectors, including energy, transportation, automatic logistics, environmental protection, electronic information, medical treatment, etc. CSIC has very clear strategic objectives: to be China’s leading provider of naval ships and related equipment, the leading force of China’s shipbuilding industry, to be China’s largest & strongest and world-class shipbuilding group as well as a worldwide well-known manufacturing group of advanced equipment.