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Beijing CSHZ is a leading international chemical enterprise with strong technical power and ability of research and development. Our company is dedicated to research, develop, product and sales of multi-function environment-friendly metal surface anti-corrosion treatments. At present the key product is HZ series of multi-function metal surface treatments. In 2011 our company is approved certification of ISO9001, SGS, MSDS, CCS and pass the examination of CSCP, Test Center of Engineering Quality Supervision General Station of Metallurgical Industry, Tianjin Bridge Welding Materials Group Co. Ltd, and Beijing Paint Quality Inspection Center etc. CSHZ declares a successful project and became the 2011 national key environmental protection practical technology and obtains the testimony from departments and experts above with Appraisal Certificate of Outcome of Scientific Technology. HZ series products is always in a leading position both in domestic and overseas that key technical indexes more than national standard GB/T6807-2003, 12612-2005 and Japanese Industrial Standard conditions JLXK2236-80. In accordance with clients demand we will offer comprehensive solutions to you based on advanced technology. Company have performed excellent in many fields for instance Steel Blackening、Stainless Steel Surface Treatment、Nonferrous metal Surface Treatment、Chromium free passivation、Industrial Process Cleaning、Water-based Anti-rust Product、Coating Removal of Metal Surface etc. Our company always insists on researching new technology, new ideas and new products, which related with metal surface treatments and anti - corrosion and then put them to practices. In order to innovate and benefit publics, advocate and adhere to the pragmatic and enterprising forms our own corporate culture. We have made a revolutionary technological innovation and development in environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction, safety, efficiency and other aspects. HZ series products have been applies for industry, military and civil use etc. For the huge potential market, company focuses on the product quality and trained a lot of outstanding technical personnel to offer better technical support and after-sales service; for a wide range of application fields, company technology department realize perfect union of products and solutions according to different industry standards, requirements and technology etc; for the market needs, Company makes exact pricing of series products and achieves a thorough unification among high quality, reasonable price, and user satisfaction.