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BaoJi DingDing Titanium Products Co., Ltd.Booth:W2016

Baoji DingDing Titanium Products Co., Ltd. is the original Baoji City District Jiuding titanium products factory after 10 years of hard work, set up a company with import and export right of the production Industrial Company. Company \"based on the quality, integrity and development\" business ideas, \"people-oriented, cooperative win-win\" concept of development, strict implementation has passed the certification of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, the registered capital of 1000 million, to create \"Ding Ding Ti\" business brand.    1. Raw material: Maintaining long-term supply and demand relationships with large state-owned sponge titanium plants, and manufacturing titanium ingots of TA0 TA1 TA2 TC4 TA9 TA10, etc. by using high-quality sponge titanium from Zunyi and Fushun as raw materials.    2. The factory is located in China\'s \"City of Titanium\" with advanced Titanium processing technology & equipment and mature manufacturing technique. Scope of products processing: 2MM-250MM*3000MM titanium rod (bar), 0.03-20MM*1000MM*2000MM titanium plate, 0.1-8.0MM titanium wire, 4-110MM*0.8-10MM*6000MM titanium tube, 2-15MM titanium ball, etc.    3. Detection advantage: Detection of the company is backed by Baoji Ti Test Center and the Northwest Research Institute, and it is of the capacity of manufacturing and exporting titanium products of military, aviation, medical, civil and other standards, including AMS4928Q, ASTMB348, ASTMF136, GB/T13810, GB / T2965. And so on. Price advantage: As a manufacture-oriented enterprise as well as wholesaler of raw materials, the company employs no middlemen, therefore it can realize \"lower price for the same quality, and the same price for higher quality\"; there are three levels of product quality and price, high, medium and low, to meet the requirements of different customers; for large excellent long-term customers, supply at the price 15% lower than that of the market price is available. Corporate culture: Personhood first, and then work. Based on honesty. Idea of the company leaders: Good product survives once, but good character lives alive the lifetime.     Based on the above confidence in products of the company, the leadership promises seriously that all the titanium products sold by the factory can be returned or exchanged unconditionally because of quality problems.