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Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. (former state-owned 8390 factory) is registered by the Trade and Industry Bureau of Jiangsu Province, specializing in the production of wire and cable manufacturers, national medium-sized high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the company covers an area of ​​150,000 square meters, The existing staff of more than 600 people, including the technical staff of more than 130 people, has a history of more than 30 years engaged in the production of wire and cable, with an annual production capacity of 800 million yuan. Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. is the enjoyment of the right to import and export enterprise approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and other units, released by the State Economic and Trade Commission of urban and rural power grid construction and transformation of enterprises, the Jiangsu Provincial People\\\'s Government named \\\"advanced private technology enterprise \\\",\\\" the contract and trustworthy enterprise, Jiangsu Province, ICBC and CCB assessed premium \\\"AAA\\\" grade credit enterprise; specified by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Electric Power, Sinopec, PetroChina designated manufacturers, Aerospace Corporation supporting units, the China Shipbuilding Corporation, a member of the quality assurance system plant; held by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision issued by the control, power, XLPE cable production license, the former State Administration of Commodity Inspection, jointly issued by the Ministry of Machinery Industry power, control and wires export product quality permit, Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau issued by the Fire Department\\\'s fire protection products registration certificate; through the American Petroleum Institute API 9A and API Q1 certification by Beijing in the matter jointly by the Certification Center ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, by Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision \\\"ensure that measures to confirm the acceptance and adoption of international standards\\\" acceptance by the China Quality Certification Center national compulsory product certification (3C certification); Yangzhou City, \\\"five-star\\\" advanced enterprise management, and ministerial comprehensive quality management standard enterprise \\\"provincial\\\" clean and civilized production units, at the same time, the recommendation of the Provincial Quality Association, cast to the People\\\'s Insurance Company of China Su Post \\\"brand of 100% product quality insurance, a registered trademark of National Statistics Bureau and other units as China recognized brand names, national certification authority trusted good quality products, Jiangsu market customer satisfaction. Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. Over the years always adhere to the excellent product quality and good business reputation and perfect after-sales service and flexible mode of operation for customer service, by the majority of users praise. At present, the company\\\'s main products are: Control and shielded control cable Computer cables and distributed instrument control cable (DCS system cables) Plastic power cables and XLPE cable Oxygen barrier fire cable Mine Cable Communications and signal cables Ships, railways, subways and other special cable RF cable and physical foaming coaxial cable Thermocouple compensation wire and cable Category 5 and Category 5 super computer network cable Flame retardant, fire-resistant, low smoke and low (no) halogen, temperature, corrosion, intrinsically safe, and concentric layers of special cables On behalf of the Dutch probe cable Wind power cable Special steel wire strand, oil wire rope and wire products, etc. Qinshan Nuclear Power Station from the East China Sea coast to the snow-covered plateau of Tibet Sheep Lake Station, from Asia\\\'s largest pumped storage power station - of Tianhuangping to Asia\\\'s largest hydroelectric power station - Ertan, from his hometown of Yangzhou Second Power Plant to Guangzhou Metro foreign Chashma nuclear power plant, the most advanced aviation Hong Kong - Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to the city being built one of the underground rail transit, from China, for the first time long bundles II launch vehicle to launch Shenzhou universe The spacecraft launch supporting Huaneng cable. Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Company Limited oxygen barrier fire cable, load bearing probe cable has a number of patent certificates issued by national patent offices, over the years to assume a number of major national and state-level Torch Program projects, state-level key new products in China patent Achievements Over 15 Years was named the best project by the Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund Management Center project loans discount support production of the product and the company shielded control cable and cross-linked computer cable with Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Commission as high-tech products, and High-tech Expo Gold Medal, sponsored by the National Science and Technology Commission, Jiangsu Province outstanding new products the (Taurus Award). 2003, the company developed the environmentally friendly polymer insulation and sheath anti the termites mouseproof Nie temperature distribution computer cable is listed as the Spark Program. 2004 I developed high strength Shiyou Cheng charge monitoring and control cables are classified as provincial scientific and technological project. Oil wire products, load bearing probe cable product of the performance indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, in a leading position in the country, can completely replace imported. 2005 Spark Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province as leading enterprises. Jiangsu Huaneng Cable Co., Ltd. is located in the southern suburbs of Gaoyou Economic Development Zone, located in the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal east coast, south of the culture of the ancient city of Yangzhou, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed lean factory and too convenient and superior transportation reception conditions, warmly welcome new and old friends, promote our friendship and career development.